Why New Orleans Is the Best Place to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

There’s no better place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than New Orleans! Not only is the city home to several of the nation’s oldest Irish pubs, but you’ll also find plenty of lively parades, rowdy block parties, traditional Irish food and drinks, and so much more.

New Orleans proudly embraces its Irish heritage and many festivities take place throughout the French Quarter and surrounding areas in anticipation of the annual holiday. In addition to bar crawls and block parties, each year you can find numerous community activities that celebrate cultural diversity including a St. Patrick’s Day parade hosted by the Historic Irish Channel Parade Association that marches down Magazine Street with plenty of colorful costumes and live music. If you’re looking for a traditional Irish dinner or a taste of stout beer on tap, New Orleans has it all!

But it doesn’t stop there — The annual St Patrick’s Day celebration in New Orleans brings out crowds from all over to experience some classic southern hospitality and generously pour shots of Jameson Whiskey into pints of Guinness for a signature drink known as “The Perfect Pour.” Whether you’re looking for a parade route with plenty of local culture or just want to visit an Irish pub, New Orleans is the perfect destination for celebrating your favorite Saint’s special day!

History of St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans

Every year on March 17, revelers of all ages and backgrounds pack the streets of New Orleans for a festive celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a long-standing tradition that dates back centuries, with groups of Irish immigrants arriving in New Orleans as far back as the late 18th century. Today, New Orleans is one of the premier destinations to enjoy a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, complete with traditional drinks, lively music and vibrant parades.

Let’s take a look at the history of St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans and find out what makes it such an exciting place to celebrate.

What to do in new orleans on st patrick’s day drinks

The first Irish immigrants arrived in New Orleans around 1815. They were largely unskilled laborers from rural areas of Ireland. During the potato famine, even more Irish people immigrated to The Big Easy in search of a better life and new opportunities. The vast majority of these immigrants were Catholic and held tightly to their religious beliefs and traditions. In light of increased immigration, parochial schools were opened in several areas of the city.

As the Irish presence grew in New Orleans during the 19th century, they began celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with traditional parades and other festivities. There was also an influx of Ulster-Scots who brought with them distinct music and cultural influences which still remain today – bagpipes can often be heard echoing through downtown streets on the day itself!

Celebrations include traditional Irish foods like corned beef and cabbage, as well as beer that is dyed green during festivities each year (usually Harp or Guinness). Fireworks, marching bands, and floats showcase how deeply entrenched this celebration is for many New Orleanians. Participating parades include a St. Patrick’s Day parade sponsored by local businesses in addition to a smaller “walking parade” along Frenchmen Street which recreates some aspects of the sportive traditions that originated centuries ago in Ireland.

Popular Events and Celebrations

St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans is an experience that truly has to be seen to be believed. As the most Irish city in America, with almost 1/3 of its population having an Irish heritage, it is a day rich with tradition. Every year, events are held all over the city that culminate in a fantastic parade that’ll make you feel like you’ve stepped right into a fairytale celebrating Irish culture.

Some popular events for St. Patrick’s Day around New Orleans include The Mardi Gras Parade and The Little Narvasky Parade, whose floats and marching bands honor the history of New Orlean’s Irish-American community each year. Other activities include block parties, music festivals, green-beer stands and plenty of food to get your belly full of great Irish grub while still sporting your best green garb!

The American Ireland Fund has also been organizing activities since 1985 – including more than 70 parades throughout Louisiana on St. Patrick’s Day itself – as part of their mission to promote relationships between Ireland and the United States through arts, culture, education and other related activities on both sides of the Atlantic.

So if you’re looking for an authentic way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this season – New Orleans is definitely the place to visit!

Popular Places to Celebrate

From the iconic Bourbon Street to the lively French Quarter, New Orleans has many popular places to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you are looking for good food, great music, or fun drinks, there are a variety of options for you to choose from in this vibrant city.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular destinations that can be found in New Orleans for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.


New Orleans is an excellent choice for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and there are plenty of amazing restaurants to choose from. From classic Irish pubs to more upscale restaurants, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. Here are a few of the best places to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans:

-Johnny’s Po-Boy Restaurant: Traditional Irish fare such as Shepherd’s Pie, Bangers & Mash, and Corned Beef & Cabbage can be found at this classic New Orleans restaurant. Pro tips: arrive early as the wait can get long!

-Erin Rose: This lively Irish pub offers amazing drinks, great atmosphere and live music on the weekends. It’s a fun spot with plenty of options for those looking for an authentic New Orleans experience through food and service!

-The Irish House: Located in the heart of Warehouse District, this fancier spot serves classic dishes like Fish & Chips, Dublin Coddle and Shepherd’s Pie as well as craft beer selections that are both domestic and imported. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a more upscale atmosphere!

Other amazing places include McNulty’s Bitter End Pub, Tracey’s Original Irish Channel Bar and Reggie’s Bar & Grill. All establishments offer unique experiences in their celebatory menus that you must have to fully enjoy your time in New Orleans on St Patrick’s Day! Cheers!

Pubs and Bars

New Orleans is widely known for its lively atmosphere and unique style, and St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to explore its culture. There are plenty of popular pubs and bars to enjoy in the city where fans of beer and whiskey can get their fill. Here are some of the most well-known places for a celebratory pint or two:

-The Abbey: This Irish-style pub is in the heart of NOLA’s downtown area, near some of the city’s hottest nightlife spots. Choose from a variety of specialty beers on tap, as well as traditional pub fare like shepherd’s pie, fish & chips and bangers & mash.

-McHugh’s: Tucked away in Mid City, this neighborhood joint serves classic Irish dishes such as corned beef and cabbage washed down with Guinness or Smithwicks. People also come here for “the cup” – a signature drink made with Powers Whiskey, lime juice , soda water and simple syrup (if you’re feeling adventurous!).

-St James Cheese Company & Paddy O’Beers: Located in Uptown New Orleans, this spot is great for beer lovers – they offer over 150 craft brews plus cheese plates perfect for snacking! Whether you want to sit back for a few hours or make an evening out of it (they offer live music on Thursday nights), this is one place that won’t disappoint on Saint Patty’s day!

-The Bulldog Pub: Over in Mid City Louisiana lies The Bulldog Pub – an American twist on your traditional English pub. With its large outdoor patio area full of picnic tables, two bars inside with 22 craft beers on tap – Guinness included! – plus tons of mouthwatering bar food options like burgers & wings served up all day long.. . .what better place to spend your St Patrick’s Day?

Music Venues

New Orleans is widely known for its lively and vibrant nightlife, offering great music venues for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Music has been a part of New Orleans since the city began, and it offers an infinite variety of entertainment that is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Many places offer live music in the French Quarter, with traditional jazz and blues at Fritzel European Jazz Pub, great cocktails at The Spotted Cat Music Club, and upbeat live Irish music at Dingle on Saturday nights throughout March. For those looking to take in traditional Irish pubs, Sean Kelly’s Irish Pub offers duck-fat potato chips, shepherd’s pies, fish & chips and other authentic treats along with warm hospitality.

Although it doesn’t open until 12 a.m., Brennan’s Irish Pub also has cozy leather chairs to relax in while enjoying traditional comfort food to make the day even more enjoyable!

Local Specialties

If you’re looking for a festive holiday celebration, head to New Orleans for St Patrick’s Day. There are plenty of local specialties to enjoy, from traditional Irish dishes to the city’s signature cocktails.

From green beer to Irish whiskey, discover why New Orleans is the perfect spot to raise a glass this St. Patrick’s Day.

Traditional Irish Dishes

The city of New Orleans is known for its Creole and Cajun culinary traditions, and during St. Patrick’s Day, local restaurants offer traditional Irish dishes such as bacon and cabbage, corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie or fish-and-chips. Corned beef is a popular version of the traditional Irish dish that has been adapted to meet the tastes of local diners. The dish consists of thin slices of corned beef served with boiled potatoes, carrots and served with mustard or special sauces.

In addition to traditional Irish meals such as bread pudding, New Orleans establishments will also offer unique variations on classic dishes, such as St. Patrick’s Day gumbo. This Cajun staple is made from roux-based stew cooked with meats such as seafood, sausage or chicken and vegetables like onions, celery and bell peppers for flavor.

If you’re looking for something sweet after your delicious meal out in New Orleans this St. Patrick’s Day season, try some Irish soda bread! This classic dessert is made from flour oats, baking soda, sugar (or honey) and buttermilk. It is then formed into loaves which are traditionally cooked over an open flame on stovetop cast iron skillets until they are golden brown on top – a process which gives the bread a distinct flavor unlike any other kind!

Unique Drinks

One of the things New Orleans is best known for is its unique drinks, and St. Patrick’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to try some of the city’s well-crafted specialties. Stop by local bars and restaurants to sample deliciously crafted craft cocktails like:

-Shamrock Martini – A mix of Midori liqueur, Baileys Irish Cream, almond liqueur, vodka, and lime juice

-Irish Toddy – A blend of whiskey and brown sugar with a garnish of cinnamon

-Irish Flag Shooter – Another creation made with Midori, vodka, Baileys Irish Cream, peppermint schnapps, grenadine syrup and orange juice

-Irish Rocket Fuel– Consisting mainly of whiskey and amaretto this powerful libation is going to get you off your feet in no time flat!

-St. Pat’s Punch – Combining orange juice, triple sec , peach schnapps , sherbet , 7 up or sprite liquors make this a delicious punch style drink.

No matter which cocktail you decide to try while in New Orleans on St. Patrick’s Day you’re sure to find yourself in a very happy state. So raise a glass along with thousands of others from around the world as they celebrate this festive holiday!


With its Irish influence, rich history, and non-stop celebrations, New Orleans is the best place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. From the streets of the Irish Channel to the live performances in Jackson Square, the day comes alive with dancing and singing. But it doesn’t have to be all green—rainbows of flags adorn rooftops along with bagpipes and Samba music playing through open windows. Whether you’re one of many revelers at a parade or spending time with family over corned beef and cabbage dinners, you’re sure to find a unique way to honor this beloved holiday. With so much to do in such an epicenter for entertainment, we highly recommend planning your trip for St. Patrick’s Day 2020!